SCOTT'S Manufacturing LLC.

Scott's Manufacturing is again proud to introduce their new Bigger and More Powerful Winch and Hitch System, the "H10". 

Built for the new tank systems of 3,500 gallons or more.

With Over 20 Years of experience and design knowledge from building our standard winch and hitch system, the S3, we have come up with what we feel to be the most powerful, advanced hitch system on the market for years to come.

The new winch is designed with a bigger Hydraulic motor, Bigger Shaft, Bigger Drive Chain, Bigger Spool, Larger and Longer Cable, and a Bigger and better Hitch System than our S3 Model.  It also has a Thicker, Heavier Frame Base and CAD Designed ADI Cast Hitch and Receiver.  All this adds up to one Heavy Duty unit to handle the large volume tanks farmers need.

The H10 comes with 60 feet of 3/8" Aircraft Grade cable to accommodate either an Applicator Tool Bar or the Biggest of Air Seeders.  Of course we will still build to fit whatever your existing implement hitch may be for easy bolt on assembly.

The Shipping weight of the H10 is 225 lbs.

Call or Email for pricing and availability. 

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