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SCOTT's S5 NH3 Tank winch and hitch system has been designed for easy installation, safety, long life and enough power to pull even the biggest anhydrous tanks.  Our winch has been field tested for over 19 years with refinements made along the way that have made SCOTT's the industry leader. The S5 design incorporates more safety features, less maintenance and easy spool tension control for no cable winding troubles. Each winch comes standard with its own mounted control valve with detent for power out and an easy to operate free wheeling spool for faster long distance hook-ups. Each unit comes with 40' of 5/16 aircraft grade cable. The winch is capable of over 10,000lbs. of line pull however our safety shear pin will snap at approximately 8,500 lbs. The average line pull when pulling a 2,000 gallon tank in a spiked field is between 4,000 and 5,000 lbs. of tension. Each unit is made to bolt to YOUR implement, for easy installation.

5 Year Warranty, 100% Satisfaction money back guarantee.

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